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what's that guitar

Instruments and Gear
27 Jan 2009 17:09 | Quote
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What's that black guitar in the video and how much does it cost?

28 Jan 2009 11:19 | Quote
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Hard to say, but it strongly looks like Gibson Chet Atkins SST. If it is, its around 1100 - 1500$ if used, I dunno what new could be...

or... it might be epiphone version of that and that cost 585$ ^_^

I may be a little suspicious, cuz chet atkins sst usually have star inlays on it. But this might be modified by artists need. But Gibson Chet Atkins SST is my guess.
28 Jan 2009 12:42 | Quote
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this gives me a good idea for a new thread... post a pic of a guitar and the first person to get it gets to go...lol

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