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Opinion or even confirmation

Music Theory
27 Jan 2009 16:32 | Quote
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Alright, been on a while on this site and learned a lot, thanks all I think I must start some serious practise. After studied a part of almost all scales, some theories, some chord progressions or triads even, I think the most important scale that I should learn in every position first is Major and Minor pentatonic.

Your opinions of that? I know many would agree, but maybe I just need an confirmation.

also I could ask, while playing scales... how many positions usually are effective? for say simple I-IV-V-I chord progression forexample?

Thanks in advance.
28 Jan 2009 01:14 | Quote
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i definitely started with the major/minor pentatonic. it was kind of the framework i used for everything else.

i dont really have an answer to the 2nd question though.
28 Jan 2009 06:36 | Quote
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The pentatonic positions are good to start out with, but I wouldn't dedicate my time on them personally. You should then work on the major scale and modes.

To answer your last question, ALL the positions are effective! Learn them all and you'll be able to see the fret board a lot easier! Keep at it! :D

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