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Hank Williams III

Music and Bands
1 Jan 2009 14:34 | Quote
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I admit that I started listening to country music the last week or so and I discovered this guy. He is the son of Hank Williams Jr and Great Grandson of Hank Williams.

he has that old school country sound with a punk rock attitude. I know it's most most of you guy's styple but wanted to share it. It worth a listen and a read.

He also front's a punk band called A$$Jack when he performs it's country for the first set and Punk closing the show.

Wikipedia on Hank Willams II

Offical Hank WIlliams Website

Hank Williams MySpace Page
3 Jan 2009 14:37 | Quote
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man another hank williams...like the world needed another, lol jk.
3 Jan 2009 15:58 | Quote
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yeah i heard about him a few years back. he's good, and does his own thing. he's very different from his patriarchs.
3 Jan 2009 16:03 | Quote
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I think he plays in Phil Anselmo's new band.

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