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I just had a technical awakening

30 Nov 2008 20:29 | Quote
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Ever had one of those times that you feel like you've discovered something nobody else knew when it's been sitting right in front of you? Well today was one of those days.

In a 1-4-5 dominant blues progression, many guitarists will play a Pentatonic pattern over it. Well I know figured out why this is justified.

In an A7 chord, you have the notes A C# E and G. Well, by playing an A pentatonic minor which has the notes A C D E G, you are actually implying an A7#9 over the dominant 7th chord. The reason for this is that by playing the minor third(in this case C) over a dominant chord(A C# E G), you are implying an A7#9.

Has anyone else noticed this cause I feel stupid.
1 Dec 2008 02:22 | Quote
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Those are fun.

Yeah good to understand what you are doing, alot of guitarists also take that C# with their solos during the A like clapton.

Anyway, try all the corresponding myxolydian as well, gets a funky sound too.
6 Dec 2008 00:19 | Quote
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i feel stupid.. i did not understood a crapabout what u said.. explain to me the theory
6 Dec 2008 02:15 | Quote
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@ soy.el.che: don't feel bad. I'm as lost as you. It makes me wanna hit some theory books. hard, lol.
6 Dec 2008 04:34 | Quote
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The 1-4-5 is basically the notes from the scale which are being chosen to create this progression. E.g. in the key of C, the 1 is C, the 4 is F and the 5 is G.

He's realised a better way to play this chord and understood how it works. A7#9 is the chord which should be played because there's a C# in what he's talking about. (separate from my above example).

The 9 is always the 2 but an octave higher. Refer back to my lesson for this one.

It takes a while to understand but you should really try and understand it on your own, it'll be a lot better for you.

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