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Help finding scale for a song

6 Nov 2008 19:18 | Quote
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im writing a song
the chord progression so far is Gminor, Dmajor (with a low F#), Dminor, Emaj7. and then A#maj7, Emaj7, A#maj7, Emaj7, etc.

im having trouble finding a fitting scale for the song. i guess it would be in the key of Emaj7. help?
6 Nov 2008 19:22 | Quote
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correct me if im wrong, but wouldnt it just be Emajor? idk anything about this, thats just a guess.. so dont take my word for it
7 Nov 2008 01:58 | Quote
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Bodom's right, there really is no other scale except for E ionian that would work since the D major chord and Emaj7 take it kinda outta key from the Gm and Dm and A#maj7. With those three (last) chords you can use a lot of scales. So I suggest finding other chords other than D and Emaj7, but its your song and you do with it what you like.

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