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scales and the circle of fiths

Music Theory
23 Oct 2008 14:25 | Quote
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i just started learning the circle of fifths and was wondering if it applies to scales in any way
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hehe yes, the circle of fiths explains a lot. ill let othrs on here explain, i may not do a gr8 job on it.
23 Oct 2008 14:47 | Quote
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This topic might be helpful


23 Oct 2008 14:54 | Quote
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the cycle of fifths and fourths is incredibly important it is one way (i think is the best way) to create the diatonic scales. it is the base for the II, V, I. you will do good to memorize it. it's important well beyond it simple construction. i just can't stress it enough (not enough space nor do i have the time to fully explain it).
23 Oct 2008 15:09 | Quote
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It's a tool to memorize and a quick way to know how many sharps and flats there are in a scale.
Which is handy when reading music cause you can indentify almost any scale by just looking at the begining of the sheet music to count flats or sharps.

I guess I learned about it too late in my development at which point it had become a moot point since all intervals were already neatly stored in my brain.
I suppose it can be helpfull in you development, but I would not say it's more than learning tool. You outgrow it.
23 Oct 2008 18:43 | Quote
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yeah i agree with that. you diffidently will outgrow it when it becomes ingrained into your head (i finding I'm outgrowing a lot of things recently). but there is more to it then just sharps and flats.
28 Oct 2008 13:59 | Quote
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I think it's important for any musician starting out with Music Theory, to memorize the COFifths. Try to do so, and it will become a lot easier for you to construct chords and figure out improvising possibilities.

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