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arpeggio help

30 Aug 2008 22:27 | Quote
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yes, more help with arpeggios =p

i was wondering how to properly build arpeggios with the arpeggio tool on this site.. i tried but most sounded bad, seeing as i dont know wut these 7, sus, dim, etc mean i cant properly build them.. so can someone point out some good ones, or explain how it works?
31 Aug 2008 00:48 | Quote
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The more basic ones sound the best. Basiclly, the major and minor ones. The others are generally not used, but sometimes are used for tension or an exotic sound.

31 Aug 2008 01:21 | Quote
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don't use the arpeggio tool, just use the scales to chords tool and click on the chords to highlight them. it's much easier.

i disagree on the statement regarding disuse of 4/5/6/7 note arpeggios. the m9, for example, is considered only less of a effective tool at emphasizing a minor tonality then the m7b5. the V7sus4 is used unwittingly in many, many pentatonic licks. add9 and 6ths are a powerful means of affirming major tonality. a lot of really cool licks, are nothing more then more complex arpeggios.

and technically, virtually all licks are m13 arpeggios, i think.
31 Aug 2008 16:17 | Quote
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Thats the story behind most Metal. Many guitarists use these techniques and scales without knowing the theory behind it(like me)

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