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Breaking it Down

29 Jul 2008 17:18 | Quote
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Okay, so we all know that when learning a song, it is best to break it down into smaller bits (verse by verse, bar by bar, etc.) and that it is important to slow it down, then speed up when you are felling more comfortable with it.

Anyways, my question is this:
What would be a good "chunk" of the song to learn at a time?
Like should I learn the whole section (intro, verse, chorus, etc.) or just maybe like 2 bars, 4 bars, 6 bars, etc.

Your thoughts/tips/suggestions?

Also, un-related but has to do with AGC:

Why were there only like 2 posts today? :S
I posted last night, that's the last time I posted, then Phip and Empirism posted after me but that was it for the whole day.
29 Jul 2008 18:03 | Quote
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I learn the whole song straight through BUT i'm in the beginner stage and i'm learning songs that are not too complex. I suppose it depends on the song. I'm learning a song now that i will play the rhythm and then on a second track i will record the little filler parts. it will be a two track song simply because i can't play both parts at the same time. on the other hand i spent some time learning a song where i was able to find the cool lead bits hidden in the rhythm chords so i worked out a way to play both at the same time and not screw up the song too badly!

On the other question, yeah nobody's around the last few days but it's summer and some of us are prob gone on vacation etc.
29 Jul 2008 19:01 | Quote
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I start from the beginning and learn the rhythm parts first. just like phip said. If the song has an intro learn then move on through the song. When it comes to learning the solo you can use some theory you have learned to understand it better.
30 Jul 2008 04:24 | Quote
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If it's really complicared, learn say... 2 bars at a time, playing it slowly and speeding it up when comfortable. There realy is no limits, just break it down as much as you need. If the song is fair simple, then it should be alright to work through the song a section (verse, chorus etc) at a time.
30 Jul 2008 12:14 | Quote
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Sometimes it's good to learn the "main" riff within the song. This would probably be the most help in the psychological department, making you feel like you've gotten somewhere without doing too much work. Then just use that riff to string together the other parts of the song.

This wouldn't work on every song, of course, but it should be an O.K. guideline for most rock songs.
1 Aug 2008 21:35 | Quote
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