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18 Jun 2008 19:12 | Quote
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ok i remember seeing a topic on this before but i think my searching skills are needing work cuz i could not find it.

anyways I'm in need of some sort of metronome tool for my pc i want to stray clear of a drum machine for now. I have been using a click track in cubase but it's starting to annoy me as it sounds like a robot, i would like something more natural.

doe any one have anything they would recomend?
18 Jun 2008 20:34 | Quote
Joined: 10 Feb 2008
United States
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maybe a traditional metranome, or a portable rentable drum player lol. tapping ur foot somtimes helps, or do wut angus young does, head bang.
18 Jun 2008 21:05 | Quote
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I have one built into my amp but I bough a bass drum and tap my foot on it to amplify the tapping
18 Jun 2008 21:08 | Quote
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i have one built in my pedal

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