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Tokai guitar

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10 Jul 2005 17:21 | Quote
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What's the deal with Tokai Guitars? Are they any good? Has anyone ever played of with them?
23 Jul 2005 11:20 | Quote
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well i havnt played one but they look ok, but i wouldnt get one coz im not 100% that there not gunna just fall to bits when i get it so i would just get a better known make guitar for the same price e.g. ibanez, jackson, gibson ect
24 Jul 2005 22:13 | Quote
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I've got a Tokai Love Rock (Les Paul-lookalike), and I think it's pretty good, it won't rival a Gibson, but it's only quarter the price anyway. It stays on tune for ages, it's of pretty good craftmanship (frets don't come over the side of fingerboards etc.) The only downside is basicly the pickups. I've noticed that every time I use the neck pickup, I never seem to get the sound I'm wishing. The treble pickup is ok. With both pickups on, the sound is very similar to the neck pickups.

All and all, it's a good guitar for it's price, but if you plan to use the neck pickup a lot, you might wanna consider buying a new pickup. I think Tokai has put more money on the craftmanship, and less money on the pickups.
10 Aug 2005 07:44 | Quote
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If you want Gibson copies go for Epiphone. Made by Gibson and my Epi SG sounds just like a Gibson and was cheap.
16 Aug 2005 08:58 | Quote
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I own a Tokai Telecaster "BREEZYSOUND" which is a beautiful cream coloured Fender copy. I find that it's very good for jazz music and has a rich sound (middle pickup creates lush sounds, highest pickup enables nice harmonics). In terms of popular music, its very nice for stuff like 'Morning View' by 'Incubus' and 'Californication' by the 'Red Hot Chili Peppers'. Definitely worth a purchase
1 Aug 2006 01:40 | Quote
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31 Jan 2009 19:25 | Quote
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Tokai is known for being really good at Les Pauls, but I'm told that it's only if it's Japanese made - where quality is top priority. I'm thinking of getting one myself, and I'd easily take one over an Epiphone Les Paul.

Some people in threads like this should remember to do some research before believing themselves qualified to give advice.
1 Feb 2009 14:57 | Quote
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I have a Goldstar Sound Tokai (strat remake). Tokai's are great guitars, I highly recommend them
1 Feb 2009 15:02 | Quote
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This thread's from 2005, it was brought to light by a spammer the other day.
1 Feb 2009 18:51 | Quote
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Ah. Wish I paid more attention to the dates.
6 Feb 2009 10:11 | Quote
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I played a Korean Tokai Les Paul a few days ago. It was pretty excellent. Easily as good as a mid-range Gibson, but not as good as the (discontinued) Japanese version in terms of build quality (or so I've been told). When you consider that the one I was playing cost 349 pounds and a mid range Gibson costs around 1200, it really proves the point about overpriced 'name' guitars doesn't it?

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