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Internet band names, members and skill level

Battle of the Bands
7 May 2008 17:18 | Quote
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Ok, so who died and made me master of ceremonies? I DID. (it was a unanimous vote)!
i am willing to use a portion of my website to make a home for the songs so that all songs will be in one place for all to listen to.
you will be able to send the song files to me via mediafire or yousendit and i will host them on my site. i will release the url of that site only after the deadline so that all songs will be kept secret until voting time.

if you would please enter
1) the name of your internet band
2) the names of the band members
3) your level of skill (beginner-intermediate-advanced)

please do not ask questions or make comments in this topic thread. make a new topic thread if you need to.

1) you play any song you'd like and do as nice a job with it as you can. when you are happy with the song you send it to Phip1@verizon.net
2) you must play with at least one other member of this forum. there is no limit on the number of band members.
3) you may be a member of only one band unless you play a different instrument with a different band. (see below)
4) all songs must be submitted before sept 1 2008.
5) all members of this forum get to vote. each person gets to choose their 3 favorite bands in each skill level. (see below)
6) we leave the poll up for at least a month because not everybody logs on everyday so we give everybody plenty of time to listen and vote.
7) Video is NOT allowed, only audio files will be accepted.
8) we have the celebration party at Pusher's house ;) this is non-
notes: because summer is here and many of us will be on vacation or busy cooking burgers i decided that we would give everyone PLENTY of time to record their songs. that is why the deadline is sept 1 2008.

you may play with more than one band if you play a different instrument with each band. (this does not mean you can play rhythm guitar with one band and lead guitar with another). the EXCEPTION to this rule is drummers. since there is a shortage of drummers and you do play drums you may play with as many bands as you wish.
Also when it comes to voting for three bands in each skill level, that will depend on how many bands sign up, so we will leave that issue open until we see how many entries we get.

Obviously i am volunteering my services here and i don't want you to think i'm an arrogant bastard. you may tell me to piss off at any time and i won't take it to heart. i just felt that someone needed to make some decisions before this thing fizzled out.
also there is no reason that i can think of that we couldn't do something like this maybe 3 times a year using different rules (there have been some excellent ideas like "playing the same song" or "laying down a rhythm track for members to play lead to" etc. why don't we try this and see how it goes.
battle of the internet bands master of ceremonies (unless i'm fired)
8 May 2008 15:26 | Quote
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im on it
9 May 2008 03:18 | Quote
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Okay well I'll sign up here I want a band that is as metal as possible I can take bass someone can take guitar and I'm still working on getting drums
9 May 2008 03:20 | Quote
Joined: 13 Dec 2007
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I'm willing to give myself a try. I do not know who needs another guitarist. I can offer a good job of editing/mastering. I'd say intermediate-advanced for my guitar skill.
To give you an idea, Lenny by SRV was the toughest song I've mastered.

I do like the idea of having the same song, just leave the way they play it up to the groups. I guess keep that in mind for next time.
Anyway, send me a PM if anyone would like to scoop me up!

Thanks for the organization Phip. If you need help, let me know.
9 May 2008 06:59 | Quote
Joined: 13 Jan 2008
United States
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I have Cubase installed on my pc, and i also a ezdrummer installed and several different kits, I too can do some drums, some rth guitar also. I just moved so I don't have my basses with me yet.

I think that something people have not thought about is having a unified audio program that everyone uses to compose and record with. otherwise i could pass my Cubase file to someone and they would not be able to listen or record it. sure you could just save the audio mix as wave/mp3 but then there will be not way of mixing it at the end.

I beleave reaper does have some online collaboration features built in and it's also a free app and really pretty decent.

10 May 2008 00:33 | Quote
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@: ThePusher; lets do this man, Im great at leads and Im metal as fuck!
10 May 2008 00:59 | Quote
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right on man I'll send you a pm to talk further on it
10 May 2008 12:30 | Quote
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im going to be a judge, im not playing in any band

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