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What's the deal with tunecore?

General Chat
21 Apr 2008 11:07 | Quote
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United States
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Has anyone here used or know someone who has used Tunecore? www.tunecore.com
Do you think this is the future of music sales?
I'm curious what you guys think of this concept.
Mr. King
21 Apr 2008 15:04 | Quote
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United Kingdom
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Had a very quick look at the site, seems like a fantastic idea, although I suppose it could depend on the price of membership. That's a similar deal to www.cdbaby.com, which is an amazing site to buy independent music from. In fact it's where I buy most of my music from these days, due to the crap we seem to be force-fed by the commercialised music industry...
Anyway, yeah - great site!


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