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Just released 1st album by myself with my computer, gutar and mic.

Band Promotion
1 Mar 2008 08:47 | Quote
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But now i have no clue what to do with it.

The CD took me a year to make, and alot of work went into the recording process.

There are 14 tracks and you can go to my website. www.701studios.com and download

my CD in Mp3 format or you can just download it from here directly:


The album is heavily influenced by Radiohead, Pink FLoyd, Jeff Buckley, The Doors, The Beatles, Alice In Chains, Queen, The Mars Volta etc...

any advice?
1 Mar 2008 10:34 | Quote
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sweet web design dude.
1 Mar 2008 14:05 | Quote
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not bad for a solo effort.

hell, it's really impressive. some of the songs im not really into, but the others seem to stick out pretty well.

keep up the good work dude, good luck with your music. try getting a label to give your album a listen.
1 Mar 2008 14:10 | Quote
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actually, what i recommend is posting it in other forums around the internet. just try to be tasteful about it like you were here. sometimes i refuse to check out an artists album simply because they didnt use taste in how the promoted themselves. they would post multiple times in threads that werent even related to the subject, or they post in the myspace musician xchange classifieds, which is really only for musicians to find other musicians to play with. definitely have a myspace, and promote yourself on there, but dont post on other bands websites about people to check you out. just try to add people you know at first, get them to add people they know, and try to advertise yourself on the internet.


i gave your bio on the website a gander too. if you're still in contact with the friend who went on to join anti-flag, id definitely get ahold of him and see if he can help you.
5 Mar 2008 16:28 | Quote
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great, youve got your own style
10 Mar 2008 20:01 | Quote
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I am with GS bad ass web page. you can definatly tell you put alot of time into recording your music and presenting it.

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