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How do you develop left hand endurance ?

2 Feb 2008 16:39 | Quote
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I am a right handed person so my fretting hand is left, how can I develop a good endurance there ? Any like exercises I can do ?

I did a cool thing where you go 0h4h7 on the first string, then move to 2nd string, repeat, then you do 0h5h8 0h4h7 and repeat. It's like a trill, but then my hand wears out and it gets sore.
2 Feb 2008 18:56 | Quote
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Why didn't you just post this and the other post in the same thread?
2 Feb 2008 20:07 | Quote
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yeah I really should have lol.. i made this first then i was trilling again and i noticed i was screwing up and stuff . I wish I could delete posts and threads.
5 Apr 2008 16:38 | Quote
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play scales normally up and down, pick only first note of a string and hammer and pull off the rest BUT do it REALLY slowly. You'll be crushing bricks within a week!
5 Apr 2008 16:43 | Quote
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sounds like thunderstuck played wrong lol

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