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How do you put lyrics together with the instrument ?

7 Jan 2008 15:33 | Quote
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I can write some pretty good lyrics and some really awesome guitar stuff, but I need to know how I can mend it together so it sounds good. Like clay, you mold it and fix it up so it looks good, but in this case, sounds good. How can I do that ?
8 Jan 2008 07:27 | Quote
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That's hard to teach.. YOu've gotta try out what feels good.. Actually.

Anyway, try the different categories on the to the right when you click on "forums" and try to find treads that might'll answer your question(s)...

check that thread, just about the same question...

8 Jan 2008 11:54 | Quote
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I agre with taug that this is hard to teach but ill give you an example:I play thrash metal and the lyrics are mostly rhymes.I try to play a riff and just sing the vocals over it(this is hard though).When I started writing songs I played my favorite rock or blues song which was "The Way" by Fastball. At first it was hard to mend the song and lyrics. Next time try writing the music first then sing whistle or hum over it to create the basic sound then you can write lyrics.
4 Mar 2008 03:33 | Quote
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Practice, practice, practice. Finding a good balance is something that will take time. I myself find it hard to write lyrics to chord progressions and vice versa.
Just keep pluggin away. Usually the lyrics will let you know the chords to play along with the tempo and the strumming pattern.
At times it will all come so easily and other times it will all be so difficult. DON'T GET FRUSTRATED

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