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This is so random and weird but...

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21 Dec 2007 22:36 | Quote
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Why is it that by rubbing my hands together up & down I can make some kind of farting noise ? I'm not trying to sound gross or something but it's totally weird. Would you mind telling me why this is ?
22 Dec 2007 00:04 | Quote
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You are creating pressure with the air between your two hands, then giving the air a tiny, restricted space to escape or be pushed out of. The same it why you can do it with your hands cupped and the classic armpit (These two hold more air, louder and longer noises).

I personally find controlling cupped hands give much more control. It's fun when you can do that in third grade and no one thinks your hands can do it... even the teacher.
22 Dec 2007 11:20 | Quote
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OOh, okay, thank you aha cause that has been on my mind for a few days lol : /
22 Dec 2007 14:17 | Quote
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24 Dec 2007 13:48 | Quote
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I thought everyone knew about it. Do they not joke about this in Canada?

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