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Pedal Board order

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30 Oct 2016 22:02 | Quote
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So, I have a Boss BCB-60 Pedal Board. I only have 3 effects though. A Jerry Cantrell Wah pedal, a MXR compressor, and a Boss Metal Zone Distortion. My question is: What order do you put these in and why? My amp is a Fender Deluxe Vintage Modified.

By the way, It's been awhile!
31 Oct 2016 05:21 | Quote
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Sounds like you have on board reverb and vibrato as well. Is the amp miked? How long are the cables? Are you in a band? Do you have a guitar tech? There are many different scenarios that could come into play, like venues, how fast is the music or if the music calls for one specific effect. In the end, it might all come down to what YOUR gut says.
2 Nov 2016 13:54 | Quote
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My order would be Wah, distortion and compressor. (its my preference) because I would like that wah transforms only the signal, not all noises. For me, there is 2 kind of effects, sends and master effects and compressor is master effects that control volumes for all noises, the whole sound, thats why it would be end of the line for me.
11 Feb 2017 00:27 | Quote
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The order you suggested and the reasons why is the what I went with Emp. I'm not in a band but I jam a lot with other people. For years I played digectly into a computer to save space but now I have an American Strat and a Les Paul Traditional. I love the natural tones out these guitars so I bought a vintage amp. Once I did that, I realized I missed a couple of effects. Distortion and compression. Thanks for the input!

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