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I shifted from Bands to Electronic Music ! Have a listen !

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23 Sep 2016 04:19 | Quote
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As I live in a God Forsaking city, with a lot of old people :( it is hard for me to find other people interested in music, and also extremely hard to find people interested in making alternative/garage music. So I started learning how to produce and in the process of doing so I felt in love with the raw atmospheric sounds of Techno music :D Have a listen please and if you like it share it! I really need your help !
30 Sep 2016 15:19 | Quote
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Very cool man, I liked all the tracks, Hollow was kinda favorite. also 6:00 am have cool parts, especially where intesity grows little by little ending cool BD and rhythmical soundscene. Ya know, somehow your living in a gofforsaken city sound in those compositions :p so maybe its advantage after all? :D.

Sounds that you lean a bit to industrial themes, but just a tip, give a Goa Trance a go, it's clearly my favorite genre on electronical music. It would be cool to hear your combositions. Btw, ever tried guitar with chop or extreme gating effects, you can get darn raw background sounds and rhythm with em. Could add a bit characteristic that way ^^. Anyway, good to hear ya still on music. Keep em comin m8.

Btw, I would love to do a bit collaborations sometime if ya interest ^^


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