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bar chord suggestions

2 Mar 2015 11:25 | Quote
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so getting advice from more skilled guitarist, they suggested i move on to more bar chord stuff. so i have a pretty good feel with bar chords now. but when i have just a open bar with just my index finger, it seems no matter how well i have my index finger placed that there is always one or two strings that are being muted...

any suggestions?
2 Mar 2015 14:38 | Quote
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Practice. Try position your hand 45 degrees when playing towards the head stock end of the fret board.
2 Mar 2015 17:37 | Quote
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Ive been practicing with the song "lazy song". but the 45 degree thing helped :)
29 Apr 2015 08:08 | Quote
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Start off really slow is the best and not get frustarted with it. Take time and pratice a few and even if you make strange sounds (we all have) don't worry find out what going wrong.

Most of it will be down to thumb postion or your finger catching a string or not pressure down enough. Go steady Eddy and you will get it

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