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Quilter Amps

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8 Aug 2014 22:27 | Quote
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I've been thinking about getting a Quilter amp lately. Im either thinking a Quilter or a Vox AC30. I know what everyone is going to say... go for the Vox. But it's about 1000 bucks. I can manage, but all I'm looking for is an amp that has a nice warm clean tone and one that's beefy enough in size that I can take it to any gig and not have a problem hearing it. (a combo..I've carted around a Marshall cab for too long haha)

Hope everyone is well! Just curious about everyone's opinion on amps without killing the bank. Or if I should just go for it.

Keep rockin'
10 Aug 2014 15:09 | Quote
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Quilter Aviator 210 is imo worth to check out, micropro 200 tweed have also nice warm sound.

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