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What picks, plectrums, do you use? I discovered about a year ago that I was using the wrong pick for me for years! It was a Fender medium. I tried a Dunlop Tortex .88mm and it changed my playing forever! It's thin but rigid and doesn't wear almost at all.

I've been collecting others and found that the four below are my favorites. To the left of the Dunlop is a brass pick. It's fantastic! It has a very warm sound with lots of control. To the left of that is a blood wood pick. Also very warm. And last is a Fender metal pick. Not sure of the metal but it has a very cool staccato sound. Not for fast playing but adds some dynamics to the sound.

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I alternate between Fender 1.00mm and Dunlop 1.5mm depending on what sound I want from my strings.

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