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This might just be a personal problem, lord knows I have plenty of those. But as I pursue my musical interests, I feel like the more I learn the more I forget. Not forget, I guess, but leave behind? I don't even know how to express it really.

I hate to seem the narcissist here but I've been listening to this recording of mine lately.


And while I've "progressed" in my abilities I just can't seem to reproduce any of it. The intro is rubbish, that I've worked on. But when it comes to the meat of it I just can't seem to reproduce it.

I don't even know what the point of this thread is anymore. I, uh, feel like the more I learn about music the less engaged I become. I dunno.
27 Jan 2014 21:25 | Quote
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It's a phase we all go through man. You know, I probably cannot play the majority of the songs I have written and recorded over the years. That is a personal choice and one you'll have to acknowledge sooner or later.

Not all of us are prodigies who can memorize everything, just the same, not all of play two chord songs which can be easily memorized (I haven't listened to your song so I hope I am not offending you or anyone else).

I think it really boils down to just how dedicated you are. Think about school, do you really, honestly remember everything learned, or is most forgotten save for the important concepts. Now, I'm sure there are students and people who study and cram and make a point to try and remember every last detail, however, I feel it is fair to say that most of us don't, wont and can't. Music is the same way.

You'll move past this either accepting your losses for more gains or by taking the extra motive to commit everything to memory.

As far as engagement, try to branch out. Learn a cover or another style. Teach yourself how to transpose a concept of rock into jazz or blues. More importantly, push your limits. Write music that challenges you. Don't only write things which you can easily and readily play. There is a huge difference between doing and practicing. Figure that out and you'll be on the right track.

Best of luck.
4 Feb 2014 15:41 | Quote
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I like to memorize songs in sections. I forgotten 99 percent of everything i ever knew. Some people, like myself, have to play something over and over and over to have it stick. The really good things i make up seem to come back to me though. :)

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