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Help me find chords/tabs?

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25 Apr 2013 08:18 | Quote
Joined: 25 Apr 2013
Hi all,

I'd really like to get the chords/tabs for a specific song on Youtube, but I could only extract some of it (because the video only shows the finger placements for a very short time).

I'd really appreciate it if someone with a good ear could help me out with the chords (capo is in third fret).


Thanks a lot,

P.S. Yes, I was also freaked out by the shirtless guy..
25 Apr 2013 14:39 | Quote
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Beautiful song but I don't know it. When I get the chance I will sit down and see if can't at least get you the chords.

When the shirtless guy appeared, I laughed out loud! What's he doin there? Ha! Funny
25 Apr 2013 15:47 | Quote
Joined: 25 Apr 2013
Yeah I agree it's a really beautiful melody for a classic Hebrew song that has been composed several times.

That shirtless guy is indeed a bewildering riddle..

Thanks, but I can't seem to see here an option for an email update when a new post is written (I checked back by chance). Is there such an option?
25 Apr 2013 23:06 | Quote
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Not yet! Perhaps that will be the sites next update.

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