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9 Mar 2013 01:20 | Quote
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this is one of the most beautiful things i've ever seen via the internet:


SO, i first heard of bombino through "Later... with Jools Holland", an awesome BBC late night show that is the equivalent of the tonight show with leno, except it's all musical guests. bombino did their * and it was amazing. i cannot find that particular performance, but what i have found is...

hey man you tell me. i'm an engineer. people try to tell me that the one universal language is math. but i disagree. i think the one universal language is music.

this also builds up my theory that leo fender is one of (if not THE) most influential people in recent history. seriously, music, by way of the stratocaster, enlightened one person across the globe to start a following and a movement that had a serious impact on their world.

it's a beautiful thing.
9 Mar 2013 01:25 | Quote
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9 Mar 2013 17:46 | Quote
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thanks for the share man, this is really cool! I probably never would have found this on my own.
10 Mar 2013 03:25 | Quote
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It's great to see so many people gathered, and focused, around a musical concept.

That strat bellows like it's meant to.

It's shamanic, in a way.

Just very nice to see a bunch of people gathered around for a nice wholesome evening of rocking.
15 Mar 2013 14:38 | Quote
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What an DRUMMER! damn! pretty cool all around, i was not turned much into that guitar stuff, but allright with good mayhem there. Thanks for the share man!


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