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16 Oct 2012 06:33 | Quote
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I am new here and wanted to say Hi to everyone. Looking forward to getting to know some folks on this site, and I will listen to any advice you have a newbie of the site
31 Dec 2012 21:37 | Quote
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I'm new here as well, newer than djohnson! Iv'e been playing for 2 years but I don't really understand musical theory, so inbox me?
10 Jan 2013 11:43 | Quote
Joined: 10 Jan 2013
I'm new here as well.

Is there a chart that will transpose chords of a song. If I have a song that is too low or too high for me to play my guitar and sing too i.e I'm playing in G, Am, Em, D but it's too high or low.....What chords would I use if I was playing in C or maybe D or A or E or F or.......? I know I could use a capo but that isn't what I'm asking.
10 Jan 2013 12:55 | Quote
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The most important advice anyone can give you imo is to remember that it is all about enjoying yourself when learnign to play music. Don't take yourself too seriously if this isn't a career path, and just enjoy the process of learning. Never lose that perspective.
10 Jan 2013 18:05 | Quote
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Welcome newbies!! I hope you find this site instructional and enjoying. There are some very seasoned players here but you will find that most of us are pleasure seekers and play for self satisfaction so don't be intimidated or afraid to ask any questions.

@ Ruckus61... IMO transposing should be done without any aids. This will help to learn the fretboard a lot faster but if you feel you need a transposer there is a tab at the top of this page listed NEW TRANSPOSER. All you do is type or copy your chords on the page, in your case G Am Em D, use the fretboard to count the number of frets to get to the new key desired. Let's say you are transposing to C. Counting would be like this...G=0 G#=1 A=2 A#=3 B=4 C=5... so you would need to transpose your key 5 frets higher or +5. Hit the transpose key and if done correctly your chords should now read C Dm Am G. I hope this helps.

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