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30 Jul 2012 17:09 | Quote
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I've been spending my time in the lessons section a lot recently. I hope no one takes this the wrong way. I'm really kind of lost There seems like there are a gazillion beginner lessons and so many seem to be duplicated or is a different persons take on the same subject.

Let's Learn Music Theory 02: Scales And Modes
Chord Scales
Major Scale And Modes Within

As a way of making this all easier to deal with do you think it would be possible to either tag or sub divide the 3 main sections of lessons.

My thoughts were having the following sections

Scales and Modes
Chord Studies
Beat and Rhythm
Music Business

The Guitar licks look it has the same problem, but I'm not even sure what a guitar lick is.

Anyways love the site, and now it's time I head back to the shadows and work out my modes.

30 Jul 2012 21:21 | Quote
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First, welcome to the site!

We've been working hard on both the lesson and lick sections of the site. They've come a long way as far as organization.

We are glad you are finding the site useful.

Rock on!
31 Jul 2012 10:52 | Quote
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Planking ducky: Get back to your lessons and quit complaining!

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