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Me and my brother want to start a band. Where should we start?

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9 Jul 2012 13:22 | Quote
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My brother and I promised we'd start a band when we got to America, with me on guitar and him on keyboard. We want to get members for our band. My neighbor plays guitar, so I'll ask him too. He might not join though...

Where do I start other than asking my neighbor?
9 Jul 2012 13:47 | Quote
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Depending where you live in america,you may have a local craigslist page. That is a good place to start. Try local music stores ect. But go to www.craigslist.org/cities and find your city or the closest one and browse the musicians classified for potential members. Or post your own ad asking for what you are looking for.

9 Jul 2012 14:18 | Quote
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On the message board at local cafes and record shops.
9 Jul 2012 16:37 | Quote
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^ exactly

All of my friends who are in bands got together buy posting at local cafes and shops.

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