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Thinking of buying a new guitar

Instruments and Gear
1 Jul 2012 16:02 | Quote
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hey guys, I've been thinking of purchasing this fender mexican stratocaster standard HSS lately. I've found it on the site of my favortite guitarshop in the area and I think it sounds great. I'm going down there soon just to play it for myself and hear and feel how it plays, but in the meantime, does anyone know anything about this particular guitar (quality, sound, worth the price of around $620)?

here's a video of someone playing it:

2 Jul 2012 16:31 | Quote
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These guitars are great but be sure to play the one you're gonna buy. Don't buy online! There were two exact models that I played in the store and one of them was made much better than the other. They're about $500 bucks in the U.S. I'm still waiting to get one myself!
3 Jul 2012 15:03 | Quote
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I would look for a used one, but if you can afford a new one, even better. Great guitar either way, as long as you lister to macandkanga and get the right one.

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