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In Need of Outside Opinions

18 Apr 2012 00:28 | Quote
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I'm currently working on a piece that I would like to give to my girlfriend and I need outside opinions on it.

Does this piece stop suddenly? If so, what would how should I eliminate this suddenness.

Anyway, here is this piece.

Any constructive criticism is encouraged.


Instrumentation: Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass
Key: F Major; Bb Major
Tempo: 60 BPM

18 Apr 2012 14:17 | Quote
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You guys getting married?

That was my first impression. It sounded pretty well thought out and I don't think it stopped suddenly.

On the other hand, it felt fairly thin. Try re-mixing the sounds to get more lows and mids. It was also a little slow paced for me; lacking a climax.

Rock on!
22 Apr 2012 14:51 | Quote
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Yeah. The beginning is a result of an experiment I did on four part harmony and it sounded nice, so I added it in.

I'll try to find a way to speed it up but I'm out of ideas. =[
22 Apr 2012 17:29 | Quote
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Yeah man... whats those klip klop plip... sounds on background?... i found them quite disturbing :P... I agree with Gs on the "thin" thing... when the song is quite "churchy"... you should add an reverb effects to make the sound more "massive" to give it a boost... also boosting lows might be a good idea... but you got work in progress and its not ready yet so it dun matter much now anyway.

Song itself is a quite "holy" :D... it changes intresting in middleway, I am definately surprised... I mean, if I make a song to my wife, girl or a lover... man, why F major?... not a way that it wont fit or anything, but... but, mood from that scale is a... well, what Im thinkin, we people think differently :D and I should not write or atleast think anything while drunk anyway...

Melody part and musical aproach in the song is well done, Good job in general at demo stage, do you plan to add orchestra on background?

24 Apr 2012 18:25 | Quote
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Yeah, I'm working on adjusting the equalizer to the piece but I plan on doing that once I feel it's finished and as of right now I feel like I'm about 50%-70% complete with it. I'm considering modulating to a different key and then back to the tonic or maybe just repeating what I all ready have in parallel keys.

I chose F major because it's a fun key for me.

I never considered adding an orchestral background; I might do it but I'd need additional voices and such. It sounds fun to add.

As for the clicking in the background, I forgot that I left the metronome on so it stayed with the recording. =/

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