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Left handed

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4 Apr 2012 12:05 | Quote
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Perhaps a stupid question but I'm curious to know if all of the choices of new guitars are available in left hand format? I've been looking for hollow body electric and sort of feel stupid picking one off the wall to get a feel for and having to hold it upside down. Unless there the shop carries LH stock it will also make it impossible to sit down and play (if you could call my attempt playing)
4 Apr 2012 13:19 | Quote
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United States
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Many stores will order a guitar shipped to the store for you to try. (they will pressure you severely to buy it, but if you dont like it, you can always walk away; lefty guitars sell a lot faster than they lead you to believe.)

I know how you feel, and unfortunately not all brands make all their models available for us leftys, and they like to charge more for the ones that are lefty.

Go to a guitar store and ask the manager/owner if they can order a guitar for you to try. Most will, especially if you are a common customer, and they believe you will buy more from them.

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