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Blues Scales

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I've been practicing the 5 blues scales (well actually 4 since I'm playing acoustic and can't get high enough on my neck to play the 5th). One of my lesson books identified 2 scales and noted that these were moveable, or anywhere along the neck. My question is are any and all of these scales moveable and if not perhaps someone could tell me why not.
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JimF says:
I've been practicing the 5 blues scales

JimF says:
these were moveable

First, welcome to AGC JimF!

I'm not quite sure how much you do and don't know about scales. But I will tell you this, just about any scale is, "moveable". Another word you could use would be transposing, or to transpose.

I want to make sure I am understanding you correctly, so I'll assume by "blues scale", you mean this:


Which would be A PENTATONIC Blues. If you were to bump that scale up a half step, or transpose the scale to another key, what you would find was, that both scales have relatively the same tonality or sound.

Scales are simply patterns. They are sets of notes played in at particular intervals. Therefore, most of these patterns are easily transferable up and down the fret board.

What I would suggest to you, is to first understand exactly what a scale is and second, to stick with something simple, learn the Ionian or Major scale; in any key. Then learn to transpose that scale up and down the fretboard.

I would also suggest that you check these lessons out:

Music Theory: A Look Down the Path of...


Beginner/Intermediate Mode Lesson

Hope that helps.

Rock on!
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That's exactly what I meant. In hindsight it was a stupid question given the fact that a scale is a scale. I guess I was sort of thrown off by having the book indicate that these particular 2 scales (patterns) were moveable anywhere on the neck.
Adding to this was another reference which indicated play this pattern between fret's 3-6 then this (different) pattern between fret's 5-9, etc., etc.
Thanks, by the way for properly referring me back to a starting point and not just answering the question. That's the way to teach.
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Don't want to confuse the issue because GS124 gave a good answer, but if you are up for it, check out this concept.............
It's not the "blues scale" but it does demonstrate how modes/scales can be shifted.

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The video was helpful and I've since found several others demonstrating fluid movements up and down the entire neck. The theme seems to be after you've established competence on the "boxed scales" you need to stop thinking box's and start playing notes

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