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New Guitar (3rd post about this lol)

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12 Feb 2012 19:29 | Quote
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You can't really compare these guitars... At all. But being an ESP fan and having played a Viper I must go ESP on this. But if you're gonna buy a Viper, buy the Viper 1000 or at least 300 series or higher. A Viper 1000 is the fastest guitar I've ever played. More so then even my Washburn... and that is saying something.

It all depends on you as a player bro.

Rock on!
12 Feb 2012 21:31 | Quote
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Thanks bro, your helpin me a ton man with everything haha, I was thinkin the same thing about the ESP, i went to guitar center today and played them all, but i seeing what you guys all thought of the quality and stuff of them and how they hold up.
12 Feb 2012 21:46 | Quote
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ESP Most definitely

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