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Scale Question?!

Music Theory
3 Feb 2012 09:21 | Quote
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I was wondering if I'm doing the right thing here.
I've been learning these Pentatonic Scales from wholenote.com.

I'm a little confused. Is this the right scale? everywhere else I go I get slightly different scales.
All I need to know is what's in the picture is still the right thing to follow.


3 Feb 2012 11:47 | Quote
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It's still correct. Most pentatonic scales are shown in boxes playing 2 notes per string. Wholenote is showing a different pattern using 1,2 and 3 notes per string. Patterns like this will overlap so you are able to play the same note on different frets. These overlaps allow you to shift from one pattern to another which allows you to ascend the neck.
Check this out..go to the guitar scales tab on this page. Choose the FULL-C-Major Pentatonic scale. Then click on the numbers above the fret board to see how each pattern overlaps the next. Vertical scales play in a box pattern while horizontal scales will move you up the neck. These scales are the same but use a different pattern.
9 Feb 2012 10:58 | Quote
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thank you so much MoshZilla1016!
This is now not so confusing thanks to you :)
13 Jan 2013 00:42 | Quote
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hi guys
what is the diference between "guitar positions" and scales?
13 Jan 2013 20:06 | Quote
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On the keyboard a C Scale will be the same all the way the the left and all the way to the right (just the white keys). Ergo the "fingers" stay the same all up and down.

on the guitar, the C scale at the top of the neck and the C scale in the middle are going to be different.

you can see this with chord play a C major. now play a C# major just move up a fret. do that on a piano and you have to change your finger positions.

So at different spots on the neck (positions) the way the scale is to be played changes.
7 Feb 2013 00:01 | Quote
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Yeah. I too was confused while looking at the scales portion of the site. The pentatonic options are all different from the way that I learned. Perhaps it's because there are so many options to choose from, and I learned some specific type, of which I didn't correctly choose in the options drop-downs. Or I learneded it incorrectly. I don't know. Doesn't really matter, because I enjoy learning any and all of them.

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