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Hotel California Cover

Music and Bands
20 Jun 2011 23:25 | Quote
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As usual. Please give feedback to help me:) Thanks!
21 Jun 2011 00:29 | Quote
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There aresome timing issues on the beggining,and you cutted the solo!
21 Jun 2011 00:35 | Quote
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Were doing another performance with the same songs so thanks for telling me I'll keep that in mind. And yeah :( each song could only be so long so we had to cut out some stuff. I should have more videos up soon of other songs we played as well.
21 Jun 2011 14:28 | Quote
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the lead guitar is a bit to loud. I couldnt hear the other instruments in the beginning. I know that the lead is supposed to stand out but not quiet that much. other than that good stuff.

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