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I don't think my fingers work...

20 Jun 2011 16:07 | Quote
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Hell I'm know for some time about my nerve problem in my wrists but I've had this from like age 9 maybe even 8. Doc told me it's like carpel tunnel and arthritis had a baby and that was my problem. Whatever, I was born with it so I've lived with it. I love Piano to much to just give in, And they told me it wont damage my body by playing. Actually they said it may help as long as I do my warm-up, stretches, and the exercises that the told me to do.

See the real problem here is and I don't know if it just some people are born with it or without it. I see Jazz guitarist do it the most, Lets say you where going to play Cmaj on A string. you would have to finger 1 to bar and the rest to hits strings 3 4 5. Well I see other guitarist play it with 1st finger bar, and 3rd finger (ring finger) Bar all three notes. The knuckle bends backwards at the top joint.

How many of you can do this? and how man of you can? I can live with out this ability, it would be nice to do it.

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I can do it,its just not very comfortable.

For the first fret bar,id use my first finger,for the other three,id usually finger all the notes.But i can do the third finger"mini barre"*Lol,but it sounds better when you finger the noted,because the akwardness of that position(especially) if your not comfy with it,might cause you too
#1 Realease mini barre tension,and not finger all the proper notes
#2 mute notes that arent supposed to be muted
#3 Hurt your hands,playing unnatural positions.
But this type of thing"mini barre"is usually called finger rolling in sweep arpggios,so it may be helpful,if your into that sorta thing,but if it causes you pain ..DONT DO IT! the no pain no gain rule does not apply to guitar.

20 Jun 2011 20:18 | Quote
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Ive tried that, I couldnt do it. but then again a cant play an A# major chord with just my index and ring finger ether so...

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