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19 Jun 2011 07:43 | Quote
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Hello guitar people!

It's been a while since I last checked out this forum, but now I took the time and read through some topics. I noticed there were quite a few on jazz music, which reminded me of sharing a website with you - jazzadvice.com!
They have some great articles on that site, and their main point is that you should use your ears! So if you want to learn how to play jazz, check out that website, and start training your ears. Instead of relying on tabs or the real book when learning a new tune you should try to figure it out by ear! :)

Now, for those of you who are not yet interested in jazz music, here are two videos to get you involved:

First, for the shred-guys

Secondly, for the normal people (it's still impossible to play like this, though)

19 Jun 2011 19:54 | Quote
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in awe...
20 Jun 2011 07:43 | Quote
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0.0 what he said ^
20 Jun 2011 11:55 | Quote
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Yup, those guys are pretty insane...
20 Jun 2011 12:34 | Quote
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Good lord....those guys>petrucci.


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