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So it's time to buy recording equipment...

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17 May 2011 04:21 | Quote
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Buy yourself a "Avid Mbox" enough said. . .
17 May 2011 10:19 | Quote
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Microphone is here, but nothing else. ***ing amazon taunting me :(
26 Jun 2011 22:59 | Quote
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I apologies for only skimming posts so I dont know if this is already said. But I have some decent recording experience and have had probably 40 plus setups. I have some immediate advice and then some questions that have answers that might change my advice.

Firstly for lets say 400 (assuming you can get stuff used on craigslist or ebay this is what I would go with.

Mic is easy. Get an sm-57. you will use it for the rest of your life. It will never break on you and its just an industry standard mic for recording guitar (and even vocals though thats more the sm-58) They are 90 new. probably 50 used anywhere around. Just be careful of knockoffs

mic cable. dont go to crazy on quality. 20 bucks should get you one. just make sure its long enough for your needs.

What recording interface to me really depends on if you have to use usb instead of firewire. how fast your computer is and how many inputs and outputs you would want. Mixing outside of the box means you probably want a two in one mixer and audio interface which would probably be easiest for a new person. Though to be honest at 250-400 I dont think its too reasonable. I would focus more on just having a decent interface with enough inputs. something like an echo 4 or a firebox m audio makes some decent cheap stuff but dont think its gonna sound like a pro setup. I would say I have learned over the years to just not expect it and know that a home recording on 300 bucks worth of gear can still be one of the best records ever.

Instead of buying a few things to build off of for ever perhaps just buying stuff that can let you grow with it for 6 months to a year depending on your gear lust and cash flow and then just buy used so you can sell everything for the same price or near to it.

sorry for the side ramble.

after that I would get into maybe finding a room mic that requires phantom power... I have a 50 dollar ribbon mic that pics up a room beautifully that can stand next to my 1000 blue mic.

so sorry about rambling I am just trying to think of advice I would have wanted to hear if your taking the dive into self recording



get a tascam 246 4 track. you can record 4 tracks at a time. it has sweepable eqs, natural compression and will teach you everything you need to know about recording. You can get some of the sweetest sounds you will ever get and you will really learn about your music by twisting those knobs.

Get an sm57 or 2

and then just buy a lot of cassettes

Then perhaps get a decent mic preamp and start experimenting with mics...

try 100 different knob settings and mic placements. Whatever you do will influence the recording more then any equipment will.

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