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awesome band

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27 May 2007 16:42 | Quote
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Has anyone heard of a band called Porcupine Tree? I came across them a couple of years ago. Their genre is quite hard to classify - a mixture of prog rock, metal and ambient soundscapes. Very few people have heard of them though, which is weird because their music is truly stunning. I strongly recommend checking them out, especially if you are a fan of Muse, Tool, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, etc.
27 May 2007 19:52 | Quote
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yep...i think ive heard them before and i did used to like them... they are an awesome band...i didnt like too much the ambient sounds but theyre good musicians (i guess).
ever heard bocanegra?? its a wired band whose singer aint very good but its compensated by his guitar work. theyre new and i could bet anything that no one here has heard them.. i think their myspace is: www.myspace.com/bocanegraband their good musicians and good friends and im helping them to spread theyr music..
29 May 2007 06:37 | Quote
United Kingdom
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I heard of em there ok my dad likes em alot!


Heard of Breaking Benjamin??? or Skillet??? they are realy good bands!1

check em out.

30 May 2007 08:42 | Quote
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ei check out wolfgang and lovex, i found lovex in youtube by accident and it turned out that i love their music!!! hehehe their pretty cool, and wolfgang their a filipino band and they sing in tagalog but some of their songs have an english version

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