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Taiji, GIVE ME A GUN!!!

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24 Mar 2011 13:09 | Quote
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I recently watched document of this, it been known for sometime still... this some fu-cking cult or whatever still goin strong. Goverment of Japan is not goin to do anything... they even hide the truth at the first place.

When I watched the document and saw those arrogant fishermens... I felt homicidal, never felt so DEEP HATE against some people... that I am ready to... you know... I will search and sign every site, every address every darn blog or whatever I can find to STOP this SH!T.

Yoda was right, first you feel ANGER, then you feel HATE and then you are in the DARKSIDE...

no... not a gun, an axe...blunt one...

24 Mar 2011 15:40 | Quote
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Im with you emp,thats some fkkd up **,not just to dolphins,but sharks too,they,"fin"them and throw em back into the ocean alive....ALiVE!!!!! th@ts bs,i can provide an axe,just say when....

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