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Luc Arbogast - BADASS!

Music and Bands
20 Mar 2011 17:31 | Quote
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United States
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So I was exploring folk music, OLD FOLK, and I came across Luc. I think his music is amazing.

oh and yes that is him singing and playing, ya crazy voice. but thats how they did it in the old world, and I think he does a great job of it

this is his newer album.

let me know what you think. :) but be respectful, everyone does things differently and has different tastes.
21 Mar 2011 01:55 | Quote
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I played both songs at once and found it very relaxing and beautful also.

Thank you neomass1
21 Mar 2011 15:25 | Quote
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I set one to echo the other one at a lower volume. its great. thanks.

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