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Help me out finding the scale/mode!!!!

Music Theory
22 Jan 2011 11:48 | Quote
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I was just wondering through my guitar working for a new stuff and find out a note progression..but i cant help it finding of which scale or mode it is..I know that it is in the key of E .. i am giving the note progression..


please help me out...

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22 Jan 2011 11:58 | Quote
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It looks like the F pentatonic blues scale with an added E to me.
22 Jan 2011 13:26 | Quote
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I'd see it as some sort of E lydian scale with a flat second and a flat sixth... The F blues thing could be correct too, although since the E is the root I wouldn't call it that. Anyway, why would you need to know the name of it? If it sounds good, use it - if not, don't.
22 Jan 2011 20:34 | Quote
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Its a strange one, also looks like a bit of E enigmatic with some changes. Or some hungarian Minor Could be loads of things. But i think it should work with some kind of Eminor chord. Looks also a bit like the hungarian minor (great sounding scale)
22 Jan 2011 22:20 | Quote
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id have to agree with thatguitarguy, its mainly just an F blues scale with an added E

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