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Sonar Amp VST's

11 Jan 2011 16:55 | Quote
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United States
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Does anyone know of any good amp VST's fors Sonar besides Guitar Rig?
15 Jan 2011 19:49 | Quote
Joined: 23 Jun 2008
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You might wish to check Amblitube series out...I liked them much and use for my songs. they cost a bit so if you have guitar rig, I dun know if it worth to get another...

Just you to know, if you dont that VST plugins are developed by steinberg to use for their software like cubase, but they can be used on other digital audio workstations too, but DXi plugin format is by Cakewalk and they all works Cakewalk products I believe like Sonar.

You might wanna check this site out too


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