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#6 - the Spoon man is Hannes Coetzee? and Sliders.

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Finely I can do another post, Between being sick and family hardly had the time.

Jumping into it here is Hannes Coetzee, South African guitarist playing optel and knyp - spoon sliding guitar.

Soon as I can I'm going to give this a try. I've just about everything for a slider. By brother has a kickass Lava Lamp that sounds great. I use a small glass bottle that has a nice curve to it, great for getting full 6 slides, plus I add a bit of water to give it a really mellow kind of sound.

Looks like it a going to all about sliders today. So lets hit see the man Seasick Steve about that. Here is his 4 string slider that is just wild.

I don't know how much you know about Steve, but this sums him up really well! I thing I want you to see is the Morris Minor Guitar that he pulls out at the end. two car caps put togather to make a guitar, sweet!

My first time ever seeing the power of a slider guitar was John Butler Trio preforming Come Together.

I think he has a great style, and this is simple for him. When I first started I gained a lot more respect for for his playing, mostly for his fills and solos. John can really make the most any instrument sing with a voice of its own.

This video shows off his skill and expression with a slider guitar best then most anything else I can think of.

John Butler make the chose to join with other people, and keep a bit of a rotation going with who he works with I thought it would help him get his music out there. He is on his 3rd rotation, and I really miss the last. I really miss the old feel and mix of the last group, and April Uprising just didn't feel the same. Its still intresting to see the change in an the artist and music of the years, but now something has changed. It could be me or something, but its like they went into a new scene or something. Nothing wrong with change, just feels really different from everything before.

If you are a John Butler fan let me know what you think? that or if you know any really cool slider work spread the love.

Lastly here is my favorit song by Seasick Steve. Power work!

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i really like seasick steve. thanks for posting
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No problem, anytime.

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