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To all who use Logic 9 - spread the love.

3 Dec 2010 17:14 | Quote
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He everyone who use or have used Logic 9 (or any version), how do you use and learn to use this powerful tool? Why do you for for questions and information to expand your knowledge? I love Logic! I enjoy protools and any other program I can get my hands on (I WANT Reaktor). When ever I hit the wall when I working with in logic I feel like I'm looking for Carmen Sandiego! I'm fee so lonely, I don't know to many people who use Logic. Let me know your out there, I'm sure you are! But I think we should use this post to talk about are tools and how we have come to love/hate them!
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Youtube and DVDs are your hest friends

Listem to this album

Shpongle -Tales of the Inexpressible

Everything is done with logic,maybe not your kind of music,but it gives you an idea

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