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3 Apr 2007 12:44 | Quote
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Hey, Im thinking of getting a telecaster soon and i just wanna know how good of a guitar they are and what you can do with them. Ive done some research into them. I was thinking of getting a Les Paul, but Im liking the sound of a Fender a lot more now. Anyways, if some people could post a bit about the guitar and what not that would be great, later!
3 Apr 2007 22:02 | Quote
United States
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well it realy depends on what type of music you'd like to play. i never had a telecaster, (but i want one!) and i think that the guitar is mostly used in playing blues and country type of music. if you're in to that kind of genre, then i'll say go for it. they say telecaster is known for their twangy sound, but i really cant tell the difference since i've only been playing for quite some time..
13 Apr 2007 18:47 | Quote
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I personally like the look and sound of a telecaster better than a les paul.I like the telecaster for clean or overdrive leads.For a heavier tone I prefer the les paul.Not many people like the look of a telecaster but I think its the best looking guitar out there.
16 Apr 2007 00:42 | Quote
United States
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i agree w/ league on the looks of the tele, i had a tele once (squier unfortunately) and it did not sound very nice...but that's probably because it was a squier, but if i was you i'd go for the les paul, but if you're really wanting a fender go with something else if you want a "rockier" sound
16 Apr 2007 00:49 | Quote
United States
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disregard my last post...i just remembered that Jesse Lacy uses a tele...and it sounds really good...so i change my mind...get the tele

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