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guitar pro 5

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30 Mar 2007 15:55 | Quote
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do you have it? i just wana know how to turn the rse(Real Sound Enigine) on, the RSE button in my computer appears gray. is it suposed to apear that way? if it does, how do you turn it on
30 Mar 2007 17:45 | Quote
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yeah, its greyed out on mine too. kinda sucks, i dont think you can use it on the version of guitar pro 5 that is floating around the net for free. apparently it isnt that good anyway. you can get some FX using midi tracks. for example, two midi tracks set as "distortion guitar" playing the same thing make a slight phasing sound, and you can copy one track, and repeat it a quaver or so later and slightly quieter to make a delay effect. i doubt the RSE is that good anyway. its just putting an effect on a midi track, which is never going to sound as good as the real thing!!
31 Mar 2007 05:36 | Quote
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it means you haven't downloaded the rse function for gp5 , if you really need it , i can give you the links ..

it's like 100mb big that's why most of the time it's not incluced in the downloads , because now it's only like 10mb which makes it much smaller
the rse feature is kinda nice but it makes the program slower and more demanding...

and it still sounds computerisch though...

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