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24 Mar 2007 12:07 | Quote
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Hey folks,
I was thinking the other day how cool it would be do some customising on a guitar during the summer when I have very little else to be getting on with(apart from practising). Anyway, I googled 'guitar project' and the site www.projectguitar.com came up. I found this really cool looking idea for a guitar finish customisation. Have a look:


I think it's supposed to replicate a finish that was popular on Kramer guitars in the eighties.
The point I'm trying to get to is if any of you have ever tried anything like this or have any knowledge of guitar customisations could you shed some light on it? Does the process/materials/other stuff that is being suggested in the above link sound correct to you? Any help/info would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks muchly,

24 Mar 2007 12:47 | Quote
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wow , that looks nice
never customized a guitar , i wouldn't dare :p
25 Mar 2007 18:42 | Quote
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i gotta do that
24 Apr 2007 05:01 | Quote
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While browsing the web I saw the above site, looks really cool, I made a couple of electric guitars from scratch back in the 60's while playing a Yamaha 12 string acoustic on the folk scene but let my practice drop!!!!!

The projectguitar site has prompted me to take up the guitar again, but this time I am going to have a go at building a "S-type" 'kit' from www.themusicking.co.uk and start from there - Keith

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