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My Ibanez's whammy won't go up

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15 Jun 2010 23:10 | Quote
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I have an Ibanez gio and it seems the whammy bar won't upbend. It goes low just fine, but won't go up at all any reason why?
15 Jun 2010 23:18 | Quote
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because its not a floating bridge, that kind of trem only goes down
16 Jun 2010 11:17 | Quote
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Doesnt the gio have a floating tremolo? If it does and there are springs in the back all you have to do is loosen the springs enough so the back of the bridge is raised slightly. Then you can pull up on the tremolo and raise the pitch. You may have to do some adjusments to the bridge to lower your action and also some intonation adjustments. Only do this if you know how!

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