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help me understand octaves

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11 Jun 2010 00:50 | Quote
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im trying to relate them to the octaves on a piano. how would i go from the absolute lowest note on a guitar to the highest? i know the strings are tuned in 4ths so going 4 notes a string straight down is going from high to low but after that highest note do i move to the next 4 frets on the lowest string and go down because that just doesnt sound right...
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you confusing me :)

Octaves are hard to understand on the guitar(unlike the piano) for instance middle C shows up four times and is in like 20 positions(piano just one place). Understanding them require understating of tuning(there is a third jump between G and B) and a layout system/ organizing system like the "CAGED" system. I would need to be there to explain it, and it not there first thing guitarist learn/ i don't know what you know. My advice find a teacher or someone to help you. unless some one here can explain it or has a niffy chart(but that would only do so much as well, really need a layout system)
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The lowest note on the guitar is the low E also called the top string, 6th string or Open E. One octave up from any open string is on the 12th fret. Up two frets and down two strings is the same note. Aslo on the 7th fret up one string.

Try this and see if it makes sense as you hear the octaves and look for the patterns all over the fretboard.

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