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15 Apr 2010 14:45 | Quote
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South Africa
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Do anyone know a site where I can find a bunch of licks orginized in correct keys and have samples ect. . .?

Have nothing against this licks on this site but any other would be much appreciated!
16 Apr 2010 02:47 | Quote
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i always used to buy guitar magazines, they do have some awesome licks, otherwise try the section on this site?
16 Apr 2010 05:01 | Quote
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Youtube man! I personally think "licks" is such an old concept that its hard to find licks anymore. But it depends on how you define a guitar lick.

Id look up some old blues stuff. Billy Gibbons rocks.

Joe Satriani has a bunch of guitar tips online.

Steve Vai has some great rythmn tips on YouTube as well.

For me, the best licks, tips or tricks (whatever you want to call them), are the ones that can be re-used or re-worked to different notes/scales.

So, what I do is, I look at all the little tricks I have, and then alter the notes or strings to change the sound to try to get the maximum use out of any one skill.

At the end of the day, a lick that either sounds like a specific song or cant be re-worked into something I can use in an original recording without people complaining about me ripping someone off, is useless to me.

Steve Stevens is a hero of mine too.

I love how he can take an idea from somewhere and re-work it to create something new.

One thing I love doing with students is getting something simple like a Nirvana progression. I then record it and write down the chords.

I then either keep the rythmn or I start to jumble up the chords or add other tricks like metal style chunking or convert minors to majors or majors to minors. Anything to take a single idea and then warp it.

I also play with my pointer finger ankered to the fret board. What Ive started doing is play the same guitar lines but with my pointer finger raised, so I play open strings. (very Van Halen-ish). Its amazing how you can take a simple lick that you already can play fast and expand it.

With modes you can learn what notes change the feeling of a song, and then when you hit a note outside the scale, you greatly effect its sound. Dimebag Darrell did a lot of that kinda stuff.

16 Apr 2010 07:48 | Quote
Joined: 22 Sep 2009
South Africa
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Thanks for your reply bud, I play Nylon acoustic with a style mixed with Metal, jaz, spanish and flamenco. Alot like Rodrigo y Gabriela if you dont know them check em out on youtube. Like you said i also like taking licks and mixing them up in your own style.

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